Cake with chocolate and bananas

Cake with chocolate and bananas

For one crust:

-5 middle-sized eggs whites 
-6 spoons sugar
-8 spoons of ground walnuts
-1 spoon Klas- Flour powder
-half a bag Podravka- baking powder

-Make two of these bark ( crust )


-10 yolk
-8 dcl. milk
-4 spoons sugar
-2 Aroma- vanilla pudding
-2 spoons Klas- Flour powder
-180 g. sugar powder
-250 g. butter or margarine
-10 chocolates Evropa- Cream Banana
-180 g. Evropa- wafers with hazelnut

For decoration

-3 cream


In a cake mold 24 cm in diameter, put baking paper on the bottom. Mix the White of eggs and sugar in solid way. Add gradually walnuts and flour mixed with powder for baking slowly. The crust is baked in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, depending on the oven. Allow the bark to cool down and "drop" and then gently cut it off the edges of the mold. In this way, the bark will not be lowered and withdrawn as if it were tore away from the rim. In the same way, prepare the second bark.

For filet, mix a light yolk, pudding, flour and sugar with a little milk, about 100ml, just to get a fine and smooth liquid mixture. Put the other milk to boil and cook the fillet, cook at a moderate temperature stirring for about 3-4 minutes. Directly onto the nylon filler nylon film to avoid causing the cover and let it cool to room temperature.


The butter of room temperature and powdered sugar foamy, add the pre-filtered filet continuously while mixing. Separate the mixture into 2 parts, put the chopped bananas in one part, another part mix with ground hazelnuts wafers. 




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