Pudding balls with kadaif

Pudding balls with kadaif


Ingredients for caramelised kadaif:

100 g kadaif

50 g butter

50 g sugar powder

Pudding Ingredients:

600 ml milk

50 g sugar

vanilla sugar- Podravka

70 g starch

25 g flour- Finnesa

40 g butter

50 g chopped white chocolate

1 whipped cream (=25 g)

180-200 g coconut


1)Dip butter and powdered sugar in one pan. Add kadaif by crushin it with your hands as little as possible.

2)When the fume is caramelized on a mild heat, you mix everything together so that it will not burn up. When it's finished (when it takes the honey color and when it's nice crisp), put it for cooling.

3)Take about 200 ml of the total amount of milk and mix it with starch and flour. Boil the remaining milk together with sugar and vanilla powder.

4)When boiled, add a mixture of dough and flour and boil the pudding.

5) Remove it from the fire and mix butter, white chocolate, and whipped foam. Cover it with a layer of transparent film by touching it on the surface and letting it cool down.

6)Then add the coconut and form small balls that roll into kadaif. If desired, you can decorate them with whipped cream, melted chocolate, dried fruit or nuts.


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