Chokolino Lino treats

Chokolino Lino treats



  4 persons


  1. Separate two packs of Chocolate powder and use them separately for your own use. Mix Chokolino with  milk with milk and freeze.
  2. Mix thickly chocolate with crushed biscuits or flakes that will absorb milk well and be shaped. Mix well and cool.
  3. After cooling, remove from the refrigerator and form in balls. Carefully stab the finished balls with the rods and return to the fridge
  4. Remove the frozen portion of Chokolin from the deep and put into the heated milk as needed as much as you want to consume the portion on a one-time basis.



Make sure that the mixture is very thick so that you can mold and model the forms without any problems.

A little secret

You can also dissolve the white chocolate with the dark, so you have two types of pralines. After you have rolled the pralines in chocolate, one step further you can crush the hazelnuts and almonds and roll their pralines into them.

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