A quick cake

A quick cake




Mix puddings and sugar and add some juice and mix them all together.

Immediately add the cut margarine and mix until it melts, and the fire is turned off.

Get it off the fire to cool down.

While it cools start to chop the candy, chocolate and walnuts, and the biscuit.

As you finish it, the pudding is cooled.

Bake in a large bowl and add pudding, add jelly candies, walnuts and chocolate and mix everything together.

Cover with foil and leave in the fridge overnight to bake

The next day, turn on the track or remove the hoop, as it is easier for you to decorate as you wish.

I dipped 150 gr of chocolate more accurately with a 3 tablespoon oil pan in the microwave at medium temperature 3 times in 15 seconds

Sprinkle on the top, flip it, and around I used the scoop and a little bit of finishing decoration with a syringe.


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