Kras Santea 450g(15.87oz)

At Kraš, our expert bakers have been creating cookies with wholesome, high-quality ingredients and traditional homemade recipes since our founding 1911. Our Santea Mix is a delicious assortment of some of our most classic tea biscuits and wafers - including two that are only available in this mix. Each box includes a generous selection of six different kinds of cookies, neatly stacked on plastic trays:Mira Tea Biscuits – Rectangular shaped toffee-flavored cookies with two parallel lines of decorative icing; Marina Tea Biscuits – Horseshoe-shaped orange flavored cookies; Queen Cocoa Cookies (“Queen Kakao Cookies”) – Rectangular-shaped cocoa-flavored cookies, joined together with a silky layer of premium Kraš chocolate; Lilly Vanilla Tea Biscuits (“Lilly Vanilin Tea Biscuits”) – Decoratively shaped vanilla-flavored cookies coated with a generous dusting of confectioner’s sugar; Tea Rings with Cocoa Coating – Donut-shaped tea biscuits half-dipped in rich, premium Kraš milk chocolate; Frondi – Mini cylindrical-shaped hollow wafer cookies, with a sweet vanilla-flavored milky cream filling. Kraš Santea Mix features an assortment of cookies with a variety of flavors, shapes and textures that will delight the most discerning palates. Ready-made for a tea time, dessert platters or entertaining, this delectable cookie assortment is also a lovely gift for friends, classmates and co-workers. Store in a cool, dry place.

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